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Cadance's Bio
Name: Cadenza Anne Houston
Nickname: Cadance
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: January 17, 1998
Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee
Species: Mutant Winged Wolf
Fur Color: White
Wing Color: Light Grey
Favorite Things: Singing, flying around with Bleach, and worshipping God.
Favorite People/Mutants: Donatello, Raphael and April O'Neil.
Best Friend(s): Bianca, Crystal and Bleach
Relationship: With Raphael
Family: N/A
Religion: Christian
Favorite Song: Your Great Name by Natalie Grant
Favorite Thing To Do: Training
Teacher(s): Donatello and Master Splinter
Talent: Fighting, singing and playing a variety of instruments
Life Motto: "I can do all things who strengthens me.."
:icondonatellolover255:DonatelloLover255 2 17
Jessie's Bio
Name: Jessica Jacqueline Hamato
Nickname: "Jessie"(Jessica) or "Jackie"(Jacqueline)
Age: 6
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: December 5, 2008
Place of Birth: New York Sewers
Species: Mutant Turtle
Hair Color: Brown
Mother: Bianca Hamato
Father: Donatello Hamato
Siblings: N/A
Personality: Kind, stubborn, curious, and derpy (sometimes).
Occupation: Kunoichi in Training
Mask Color: Violet (After her father)
Weapon of Choice: Tessen (Metal Fan)
Teachers: Master Splinter and Donatello
Interests: Music, Art, Sports and Ninjutsu
Shares a Close Relationship With: Icy and Bleach
:icondonatellolover255:DonatelloLover255 2 3
TMNT: Another Name, Another Story Ch.1
Chapter 1: Advice
A few years had passed since Bianca and Donatello had their first child, Jessie. Two years afterwards..Leonardo and Bleach got married, and Bleach's throat..along with her vocal cords have been slit, that have permantly damaged them, by Karai during their battle with Shredder the Foot Clan, but there was one secret both Bleach and Leonardo didn't tell the family.
Bleach: .....
Bianca: Poor Bleach...
Donnie: ...And it's my fault..
Bianca: *sigh* Donnie, it wasn't was Karai..
Donnie: But if I hadn't let go of Karai..this wouldn't have happened..
Cadance: It's not your fault Donnie..
Jessie: Yeah dad, it's not really your fault..
Donnie: *smiles at Jessie* Thanks sweetie *messes with Jessie's hair*
Bianca: *shakes her head*
Leo: *stares at the floor nervously*
Cadance: Leo, is anything wrong??
Leo: Huh??
Bianca: You sure??
Jessie: Yeah, ya sure??
Bianca: Jessie.....
Jessie: Er..sorry..
Cadance: *giggles*
Crystal: How does Bleach communicate with us
:icondonatellolover255:DonatelloLover255 5 6
Clone Wars Captain Rex by DWMoran Clone Wars Captain Rex :icondwmoran:DWMoran 185 21
TMNT: Sick (Request)
TMNT: Sick (Request)
It was a very cold day in the New York Sewers, and Donatello and AJ were working on something in the lab while Bianca was taking care of Jessie.
AJ: Hey Donnie??
Donnie: Yeah?
AJ: How long have you been working on machines?
Donnie: I...don't really know..a long time though..
AJ: Woah..
Donnie: I know..
AJ: Where's Alliecake at?
Donnie: *chuckles* She's taking care of Jessie..
AJ: What's wrong with her?
Donnie: Jessie has the flu..
AJ: Yikes...
Donnie: Yep..
Donnie: I'll be back AJ..
AJ: Okay.
*Donnie leaves*
Bianca: Hey Donnie boy :D
Donnie: Hey sweetie..
Bianca: Is anything wrong Donnie?
Donnie: I'm just not feeling all that well...
Bianca: First Jessie, now you...who's next??
Donnie: Maybe you...
Bianca: Why me?
Donnie: It might happen..
Bianca: *sigh* Yeah, I you need to lie down or something?
Donnie: No, but thanks..
Bianca: *chuckles* Ok sweetie..*gives Donnie a kiss on the cheek*
Donnie: Thanks Alliecake..:)
Bianca: :D
The next day, Donni
:icondonatellolover255:DonatelloLover255 4 15
LunarClan Clan Meeting by DonatelloLover255 LunarClan Clan Meeting :icondonatellolover255:DonatelloLover255 4 4 SOLD Hand Made PoseableLIFE SIZED Baby Cloud Lamb! by Wood-Splitter-Lee SOLD Hand Made PoseableLIFE SIZED Baby Cloud Lamb! :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 2,533 252 GIMP Lightning Brushes by Project-GimpBC GIMP Lightning Brushes :iconproject-gimpbc:Project-GimpBC 1,700 195 Night 2 GIMP BRUSHES -fullview by MyLastBlkRose Night 2 GIMP BRUSHES -fullview :iconmylastblkrose:MyLastBlkRose 3,179 1,399 My baby by DearxAgony12 My baby :icondearxagony12:DearxAgony12 4 1 ODST ROOKIE ,OUT OF THE SMOKE by mangaman1994 ODST ROOKIE ,OUT OF THE SMOKE :iconmangaman1994:mangaman1994 48 4 Halo 3 odst by REDNOBLE6 Halo 3 odst :iconrednoble6:REDNOBLE6 17 2 ODST: Rookie Sketch by AJSabino ODST: Rookie Sketch :iconajsabino:AJSabino 101 11 ODST - Wallpaper 2 by Nicola-Montefusco ODST - Wallpaper 2 :iconnicola-montefusco:Nicola-Montefusco 133 15 ODST Buck by Clarencezer ODST Buck :iconclarencezer:Clarencezer 93 21


:iconmeganesnow: :icondwtcw: :iconzikya: :icondearxagony12: :icond-arkang3l: :iconrawfishgriffin: :icondonatellolover255: :iconcaptain-icy:





this is a link to my new account (i'm too lazy to find my watchers)


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Hey guys my name's Black Ops but you can call me Venturian, Pale (like a whitish color not like the bucket), or Storm. I happen to be a Ender Dragon. My breed was made from breeding everything that was and is alive. Don't make me mad and don't give me sugar before it gets dark... it won't end well. My mate's name is Gypsy Danger (Gypsy is a dude in my mind ok!).


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